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Special Care Counselling RAC

Recognition Of Acquired Competencies

Special Care Counselling RAC


Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)

Seven Steps in the RAC Evaluation Process
 STEP 1 INFORMATION SESSION: Candidates attend an Information Session and complete and submit a Letter of Intent.
STEP 2 SELF EVALUATION: Candidates complete a Self-Evaluation Form (this takes approximately three hours).At this time the File Opening Dates are given.
STEP 3 FILE OPENING: Candidates submit all documents required by the College, and pay the file-opening fees.
STEP 4 FILE ANALYSIS: College personnel analyse each candidate’s documents, determine the outcome, and follow-up.
STEP 5 VALIDATION INTERVIEW: College personnel interview the candidates one-on-one, determine the outcome, and follow up.
STEP 6 EVALUATION: College content-experts evaluate the candidate’s knowledge one-on-one, determine the outcome, and follow up.
STEP 7 RESULTS: College personnel compile information to determine qualifications and award credits. When needed, they arrange for gap-filling training, and follow up.

RAC Fees

Fee Status
College Admissions File Opening Fee $ 30 Non-Refundable
RAC Admissions File Opening Fee $ 60 Non-Refundable
Evaluation Fees $ 40/Competency
to a maximum of $500
Refundable Prior To Evaluation(s)