It is with great pleasure that I invite you to read this edition of Vanier Life. It has always been one of my objectives to share with the community the great things that take place at Vanier College. Vanier Life is an impor-tant tool to help publicize some of these achievements. From my very first day at Vanier more than four years ago, and every single day since, I hear about or see something that keeps feeding my strong belief that this is a ‘happening’ place. The richness and the diversity of our student body, the quality and the dedication of our teaching team and the professionalism and commitment of our support, professional and managerial staff are all tremendous assets which contribute to the crea-tivity and the success of the institution.

This issue of Vanier Life can really only give a broad overview of all that takes place within the walls of this institution. We could fill many more pages. But what is important about it, is that it gives you, the reader, a good glimpse at what we do. This is why it is all the more important to share it with our friends and supporters outside the college. As a public institution, we strive to meet our educational mission in the best possible way. It means innovating our practices and investing in our facilities and in our human resources. It means maintaining an active dialogue within and outside the college community to get the best ideas. It means welcoming and adopting changes that will lead us to better prepare our students. I invite you to share thoughts and comments about how we can continue to be relevant and responsive to needs.

Gilbert Héroux, Director General

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