Who Is Eligible?

Students registered in Social Science who are interested in why people feel, think, and act the way they do or who wish to develop their skills in human interactions can further these interests by majoring in Psychology.

At the end of successful studies, students will receive a CEGEP diploma in Social Science and a certificate recognizing the Psychology major. Taking a major does not require you to take more courses to earn your D.E.C. It does provide a clustering of courses to suit your interests.

What will a Psychology Major lead to?

Students who complete a Major in Psychology will be prepared for university studies in Psychology, Counselling, Education, Law, Criminology or Social Work.

Some students who major in Psychology will go on to become professional psychologists. This requires at least a Master’s Degree. Psychologists work in clinics, hospitals, private practice, prison systems, business and industrial settings, social services, and college and university teaching.

A graduate with a Major in Psychology will have acquired:

  • greater skill in understanding and managing interpersonal relationships
  • an appreciation of the complexity of human behaviour and mental processes
  • an appreciation of the biological, interpersonal and cultural influences on human development and behaviour
  • an awareness of the major theories, theorists, researchers and research findings in the field
  • an understanding of how to be an informed consumer of psychological information
  • a better understanding of the scientific method and the research process as it is applied to human behaviour and mental processes

How to Apply?

Fall Applicants:

Students can apply for a Psychology Major directly when applying to the College (SRAM Application Code: Program Number: No. 300.33, Particularity Code: PR2) or they can join the Majors prior to the end of their first semester if they have the necessary prerequisites (Introductory courses indicated in 1st semester of Program of Study).

Winter Applicants:

Students applying in the Winter semester will apply to General Social Science (SRAM Application Code: Program No. 300.30) and apply for a program transferprior to the end of the Winter semester. It is recommended that these students register in January for any section of Introduction to Psychology as indicated in the 1st Semester of the Program of Study.

Spaces are limited and deadlines apply.

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