Joanne Guay has been at Vanier as a pedagogical counsellor since August 2016. Previously, she developed courses at Cégep à distance; taught math, science, and French Immersion at the high school level; and worked as an I.T. project manager. Currently, she is collaborating with members of the Vanier community to develop and update academic policies and procedures. Joanne is very happy to be supporting the following technology programs: Industrial Electronics, Computer Engineering, Building Systems Engineering as well as the Computer Science.

Julia Hall began working at Vanier College in 2013. Before she joined the PSI office (then IDR) in late 2014, Julia helped students develop their writing and communication skills in the Learning Centre. She also has several years’ experience as a high school English Language Arts teacher and tutor. Julia is now Vanier’s PERFORMA MTP representative and is heading up many of PSI’s pedagogical animation initiatives. She is honoured to be supporting Architectural Technology; Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology; Nursing; Early Childhood Education; and Special Care Counselling.

David Hoida has just joined the PSI team after 15 years of teaching and working in academic and student support at the high school, college, and university levels. David is the Academic Programs & Partnerships pedagogical counsellor, responsible for developing relationships between Vanier programs and Industry partners, as well as other academic institutions. He is excited to be supporting Science, Bilingual DEC, Computer Science & Mathematics, Business Administration (Marketing and Accounting) and Insurance & Financial Advisory Services programs. David is looking forward to contributing to our Vanier community.

Jane Hudson joined Vanier in October 2016, having previously worked at the ASKe Pedagogy Research Centre in Oxford, England, where she researched assessment and feedback practices and academic standards. As Research Analyst in the PSI office, Jane works with teachers to frame pedagogical questions and supports them in collecting or accessing the information needed to answer them. She also creates the annual Program Dashboards and Course Success Reports, which provide programs and disciplines with the most recent quantitative data on various student outcomes. Finally, Jane is excited to be working with Explorations and General Education as their Pedagogical Counsellor.

Patti Kingsmill joined PSI (then IDR) in 2013. Previously, she taught in the English department (1994–2013) in which she also served as an assistant coordinator, a placement coordinator, a curriculum committee member, and the General Education representative for various program evaluations. Patti is Vanier’s IT pedagogical counsellor, its AQPC liaison, and PSI’s team leader (for A’17). She feels privileged to be supporting the following programs this year: Animal Health; Languages and Cultures; Communications, Media and Studio Arts; Micropublishing and Hypermedia; Music; and Professional Music and Song Techniques.

Krista Riley completed her PhD in communication studies at Concordia University in 2016. As the Academic Programs and Innovation pedagogical counsellor, she supports teachers engaged in research and pedagogical innovation projects at all stages of grant applications and project development. She also works to promote diversity and accessibility at the college through collaborating with teachers and professionals on Universal Design for Learning as well as other issues. Krista will be providing support to four programs: Environmental and Wildlife Management, Liberal Arts, Commerce, and Social Science.

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