Elana Cooperberg
Coordinator, Pedagogical Support and Innovation
Room B228C
Email: coopere@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 7599

Joanne Guay
Pedagogical Counsellor: Quality Assurance and Policies and Academic Programs
Supporting: IET, CET, BSET, Computer Science
Room B-228D
Email: guayj@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 7559

Julia Hall
Pedagogical Counsellor, Pedagogical Animation and Academic Programs
Supporting: Arch Tech, RA Tech; Nursing; ECE, SCC
Room B-228D
Email: hallj@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 7375

Nicklas Haglund
Pedagogical Counsellor, Pédagogie Collégiale English Editor (special project)
Room B=228B
Email: haglundn@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 7655

David Hoida
Pedagogical Counsellor, Partnerships and Academic Programs
Supporting: Science, Bilingual DECs, CSM, Bus Admin, IFAS
Room B-228E
Email: hoidad@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 7015

Jane Hudson
Research Analyst
Supporting: Explorations, General Education
Room B-222
Email: hudsonj@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 7718

Patti Kingsmill
Pedagogical Counsellor, Instructional Technologies, and Academic Programs
Supporting: AHT, L&C, CMSA, MPHM, Music, Professional Music and Song Techniques
Room B-228B
Email: kingsmip@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 7277

Krista Riley
Pedagogical Counsellor, Innovation and Academic Programs.
Supporting: EWM, Liberal Arts, Commerce,  Social Science
Room B-222
Email: rileyk@vanier.college
Tel: 514-744-7500 x 8241

For a brief introduction to PSI’s pedagogical counsellors, click here.

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