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Who are we?

We are the UDL Task Force, a group of faculty members from Vanier, each of us representing a different discipline or program within the College, who have come together to develop tools and materials to enhance learning within the classroom environment, incorporating the principles of UDL.

What is UDL?

The main principle of UDL, or Universal Design for Learning, is to ensure that learning is accessible to all students. UDL aims to provide modes of instruction that are accessible and meaningful to all students. While UDL has the goal of providing access for students with varying disabilities, its methods enhance learning for all students.

UDL has become increasingly relevant as we encounter an increasingly diverse student population with learning difficulties, physical and psychological challenges, and differences in cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, language(s), sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and other life circumstances.

Click here for a handout outlining some tips for how Vanier teachers can use UDL in your classrooms. For an annotated bibliography prepared by the UDL Task Force on some of the research related to UDL, click here.

Presentation slides from a UDL workshop offered at PED Day in August 2017 by some of the UDL Task Force members are available in PDF here.

What are we doing?

The UDL task force has been established to create resources for faculty that can be used within our classroom environments to increase student engagement, accessibility, and overall learning. Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation outlining our work and our objectives.

How do you fit in?

To be able to create a toolbox of techniques and ideas that can be used within our classrooms, we would like to know:

  • What are some of the challenges you face in the classroom?
  • Where do you observe higher/lower levels of student engagement?
  • Are there tools or resources you’d love to have?

We’d like to join you in a department meeting to introduce ourselves and present the main concepts of UDL, and to hear your ideas and questions.

Leave us your feedback!

The UDL Task Force wants to hear from you!

• Are you already using UDL strategies? Which ones? • What are the barriers to making course content accessible? • Which teaching and assessment resources would be helpful?

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