Vanier College PED Day

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The idea of C3: Community – Collaboration – Conversation came from hearing from teachers that they would like more opportunities to connect with their colleagues, to benefit from the creativity that emerges from sharing with others, and as a result, to feel a stronger sense of belonging to the Vanier Community. This half-day August PED Day will focus, after a short welcome and introduction in the Auditorium, around interactive sessions where people will discuss themes of common interest to share with colleagues, identify problems and challenges, and consider areas for improvement. We will brainstorm together focusing on small, realistic ideas that could be implemented within the upcoming term or year. Following the interactive sessions, groups will share their ideas with the whole Vanier community back in the Auditorium. As a follow-up to PED Day, we will all be invited to track the developments of any projects that are implemented through our Omnivox portal.

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8:15-8:50 Coffee – Meet and Mingle Student Mall, F-100
9:00-9:20 Welcome and Introduction to PED Day Auditorium, A-103
9:30-11:20 Interactive Sessions D-Wing, 5th Floor
11:30-12:20 Wrap-Up – Share results of Interactive Sessions Auditorium, A-103
12:30-14:00 Lunch – Continue our Community Conversations Outside, near D-Wing

Interactive Sessions (9:30 a.m. to 11:20 a.m.) – Choice of Themes:

A. Teaching

  • Instructional Strategies – Animator: Andrada Muntean Room: D-505
    When teachers get together to discuss instructional strategies, everyone benefits as we learn from each other and discover new ideas to actively engage our learners. Come join the conversation.
  • Assessment Strategies – Animator: Wilma Brown Room: D-506
    As we all know, there are numerous ways for students to be evaluated. Having the opportunity to discuss different and successful assessment strategies can help us become more purposeful in our assessment strategies.
  • Classroom Management – Animator: Haritos Kavallos Room: D-508
    Having difficulty with managing classes? Share in the conversation of best practices to make the classroom a positive learning environment for everyone – you and the students.

B. Community

  • College Spirit and Sense of Belonging – Animator: Maria Kanter Room: D-542
    Join the conversation of how to make the Vanier Community a more inclusive and vibrant place. Perhaps a Walking Group or weekly Volleyball would be of interest to you. Anything is possible; let’s see where the ideas will lead.
  • Collegiality and Relationships among Departments – Animator: Patti Kingsmill
    Room: D-543
    We all learn when we have the opportunity to share ideas with members of different departments. Join the conversation and discover new links and build ties that will be beneficial to individuals and departments during the coming year.
  • Sustainability Practices on Campus – Animator: Marya Grant Room: D-544
    Vanier already supports several sustainability projects. One of the most successful is the community gardens, but there is so much more that can be done for the environment. Come join the conversation about expanding our sustainability practices on campus.

C. Research

  • Research at Vanier – Animator: Isabelle Delisle Room: D-546
    There are several Vanier teachers currently working on research projects. Come join the conversation and discover: a) peer support for on-going research project; b) meet new teachers who are interested in exploring potential cross-disciplinary research projects; and c) share best practices for research success. Current and potential researchers are encouraged to attend.


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