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To register for this workshop, please visit the A’18 workshop registration page under Professional Development. Date: October 12th Presenter: David […]

Presenter: Ginny Iaboni Date: October 19th Time: 2-4:00pm Room: D221 For more information, please contact Julia Hall at hallj@vanier.college / ext. 7375 […]

Active reading does not need to be a solitary activity. In fact, thanks to new technologies, it can be a collaborative […]

Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip: Stop and Go Strategies

We often find ourselves, along with our students, racing through the semester. Sometimes it’s helpful to take time to slow down a bit, and even stop. While we might feel like we can’t afford the time to do so, giving students time to slow down, reflect, and connect the current content with earlier course material, course competencies or even other program competencies can be an important and effective way to help students learn, grasp, and understand the material at a deeper level.


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