Today, for students preparing to enter the job-market, the development of digital skills has become increasingly important. As a 2016 survey conducted by the Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec and CEFRIO reveals, there seems to be a modest breakthrough in the use of digital devices in care-giving professions. The survey of 3,784 members of 12 different orders in the fields of Health and Human Services provides an interesting portrait of the use made of different devices (e.g., computers, tablets, smart phones) when working with clients or colleagues, and includes self-assessments of professionals’ digital skills. Fewer than 1 in 3 professionals report using ICTs in their professions. However, there has been an increase in the use of ICTs for certain tasks such as record keeping and communication with patients or clients. The potential to improve services with digital devices is real. However, professionals recognize the need for increased support, training and ICT usage guidelines.

For more details, see the press release of the report (available here) or a summary of the report (which can be downloaded from CEFRIO’s website).

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