Your applied and pedagogical research and innovation projects may be eligible for funding.
To apply to most grant programs involves a lot of advance preparation.
To be ready:

News and information:

  • Join the Research and Development Group on Vanier’s Omnivox
  • Follow the #VanierPSI hashtag on Twitter
  • Follow the PSI News feature in Vanier’s Intercom

To design your project and prepare your application:

  • Get more information on doing research at Vanier here
  • Consult the sources of funding here
  • Get acquainted with Vanier’s research policies here
  • Talk to PSI staff:
    • Isabelle Delisle, Coordinator of Pedagogical Support and Innovation
    • Wendy Ault, Administrative Technician responsible for Research
  • Consult with the Vanier’s Research Ethics Board chair, Karen White.

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