Research ethics

Please keep in mind that any research that recruits members of the Vanier community (students, teachers or staff) as participants must first be authorized by the Vanier Research Ethics Board.  The Board is an independent entity that uses the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2) to guide decision-making about research ethics. The necessary information to submit an ethics application can be found here.

Any research relying on human participants conducted by members of the Vanier community must also be approved by the Research Ethics Board. Research carried out by students as part of course activities typically does not require a review by the board, but is covered by guidelines for teachers, and is under the ethical supervision of the course teacher.

Starting January 2017, any research recruiting at Vanier must declare, in recruitment materials or discussions, that they have received the authorization of the Vanier REB to collect data.  If you are unsure about whether data collection has been reviewed and authorized by our Board, please contact Wendy Ault (, phone ext. 7946), or Karen White, REB Chair (, ext. 7244).

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