The Critical Diversity in Higher Education (CDHE) research team at Vanier College welcomes you to (Dis)Comfort Zones: Negotiating Tensions and Cultivating Belonging in College Classrooms in Quebec, a two-day bilingual conference exploring issues of diversity and inclusion in the Cégep system. The primary objective of this conference—what we have termed a multi-vocal participatory workshop (MPW)—is to identify and exchange strategies for effectively managing the discomforts that inevitably emerge when individuals from diverse backgrounds encounter and interact with each other in the classroom. In the spirit of conversation, this event intertwines the voices of students, college educators, and experts on different forms of diversity and the pedagogy of discomfort in secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

As an English-language Cégep, Vanier College—one of the most diverse educational institutions in the province—is an interesting and essential counterpoint to the diversity found at urban Francophone Cégeps. Indeed, Vanier proudly recognizes its unique multicultural campus as a prime setting for the development of diversity education. This event, then, aims not only to redefine the discussion around the topic of diversity and inclusion in higher education, but also to foster a more holistic perception of campus life and, ultimately, we hope, a greater sense of respect and inclusion among both students and educators.

The conference will take place on May 17 and 18 in the Vanier auditorium. An overview of the conference program is available here. To register for the conference, please click here.

Enjoy the conference!

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