The purpose of the Student Success Projects funding category is to support student success initiatives that take place mostly outside the classroom.  These might include, for example:

  • Peer tutoring
  • Placement testing
  • Workshops for new and returning students

Support is available in the form of monetary funding or release time for teachers engaged in these projects.  Teachers wanting to engage in a pedagogical innovation project aimed at investigating teaching and learning within their own classrooms should fill out a Pedagogical Innovation Project Application Form.

If your student success project is targeted toward making education more accessible for a specific group of students who have typically been marginalized from educational institutions, please see the application forms for the Accessibility Projects.

If you have any questions about developing your application, please contact Haritos Kavallos, Learning Commons Coordinator (, ext. 7501).

The application process for the 2017-2018 academic year is now open. Applications are due by February 13, 2017.

See below for information on:


Criteria for evaluation of projects

Support for projects is awarded through a competitive application process. Project proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the needs to be addressed and alignment with priorities of Vanier College’s Strategic Plan (20%)

Priority areas include:

  • Global and diversity education
  • Accessibility and inclusive approaches
  • Proficiency in the language of instruction
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Active learning
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Student engagement
  1. Appropriateness and originality of the proposed actions (20%)
  • Quality of the proposal
  • Thorough articulation of the project
  • Inquiry-based and evidence-based methods
  • Clear plan for how to evaluate the success of the project*
  • Innovative approaches or research methods*
  • Emerging area of study*
  1. Feasibility of the initiative (20%)
  • Realistic scope in terms of time and available resources
  • Clear and achievable objectives
  • Demonstrated support of relevant partners*
  1. Impact of the project on teaching and learning at Vanier (20%)
  • Transferability of the outcomes to other teachers and/or disciplines
  • Strategies for transferring knowledge
  • Interdisciplinarity of project team*
  • Involvement of students in carrying out the project*
  1. Ability of the applicant(s) to undertake the initiative (20%)
  • Expertise in the project area and background knowledge required to carry out the project
  • Past experience in research and/or in pedagogical innovation projects*
  • Performance on past projects at Vanier*

*Criteria designated with an asterisk may not apply to all projects but provide added value

Application forms

S3: Student Success Projects Application Form

Saving the form as a PDF file will allow you to fill it out electronically. Please ensure that you have obtained all required signatures before submitting your application. Applicants must submit one hard copy including all required signatures, as well as one (unsigned) electronic copy of the form to Marina Jelavic (, B208).

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