The S024 funding program from Quebec’s Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur aims to support teachers in making college-level education more accessible for students who have historically been marginalized or underserved by educational institutions. In particular, teachers have asked for more resources in responding to the increasing population of students with learning disabilities in their classrooms. Teachers with a daytime course load at Vanier are eligible for release time during the 2017-2018 school year in order to plan and/or implement projects that aim to respond to such needs or to other needs that are not currently being adequately addressed.

For instance, such projects may include:

  • Expanding methods of presenting information in class to better reach students with learning disabilities or disabilities linked to sight, hearing, or sensory processing, or students who struggle with proficiency in the language of instruction.
  • Investigating course content and pedagogical approaches to ensure that they do not carry with them assumptions that alienate indigenous, racialized, queer, or transgender students, or students from any other marginalized group.
  • Varying methods of assessment so as to better accommodate students with anxiety or panic disorders or neuroatypical students.

We are currently accepting three types of applications for initiatives as part of the S024 funding allocations:

  1. A letter of intent (A1 application form) requesting release time in order to develop a proposal for an internal or external grant to carry out future research or pedagogical innovation projects (including a future accessibility project application of one of the types listed below).
  2. A full proposal (A2 application form) requesting release time in order to implement a pedagogical innovation project, with a focus on inquiry-based, evidence-based methods in the classroom, and with the goal of improving teaching and learning.
  3. A full proposal (A3 application form) requesting release time in order to implement a student success project based outside of the classroom, such as a tutoring program.

Along with release time, a small amount of monetary support may be available for some projects.

Applicants whose projects do not focus on increasing accessibility in education are encouraged to look at the other funding available through the Development and Support Opportunities for Research Projects, Pedagogical Innovation Projects, and Student Success Projects.

Should you require additional information, please contact Krista Riley, Pedagogical Counsellor – Academic Programs and Innovation (, phone ext. 8241) or Jane Hudson, Research Analyst (, ext. 7718).

The application process for the 2017-2018 academic year is now open. Applications are due by February 13, 2017.

See below for information on:

Criteria for evaluation of projects

Support for projects is awarded through a competitive application process. Project proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the needs to be addressed and alignment with priorities of Vanier College and the S024 funding criteria (20%)
  • The project identifies a group or groups of students who have historically been marginalized or underserved by educational institutions
  • The project is targeted towards making teaching and learning more accessible to the identified group(s)
  • The project responds to the needs of Vanier students and addresses priority areas identified by Vanier College
  1. Appropriateness and originality of the proposed actions (20%)
  • Quality of the proposal
  • Thorough articulation of the project
  • Inquiry-based and evidence-based methods
  • Clear plan for how to evaluate the success of the project*
  • Innovative approaches or research methods*
  • Emerging area of study*
  1. Feasibility of the initiative (20%)
  • Realistic scope in terms of time and available resources
  • Clear and achievable objectives
  • Demonstrated support of relevant partners*
  1. Impact of the project on teaching and learning at Vanier (20%)
  • Transferability of the outcomes to other teachers and/or disciplines
  • Strategies for transferring knowledge
  • Interdisciplinarity of project team*
  • Involvement of students in carrying out the project*
  1. Ability of the applicant(s) to undertake the initiative (20%)
  • Expertise in the project area and background knowledge required to carry out the project
  • Past experience in research and/or in pedagogical innovation projects*
  • Performance on past projects at Vanier*

*Criteria designated with an asterisk may not apply to all projects but provide added value

Support available from Pedagogical Support and Innovation

Workshops on how to prepare a research or pedagogical innovation proposal and on how to conduct pedagogical innovation projects will be offered by PSI in January 2017.

Applicants planning to conduct surveys or use data from College or Ministry databases (e.g. student graduation rates, course pass rates, etc.) should contact Jane Hudson, Research Analyst (, ext. 7718) in order to discuss the feasibility of doing so.

If you have any questions about developing your application, please contact Krista Riley (, ext. 8241).

Requirements for selected projects

In addition to carrying out the project outlined in their proposal, successful applicants are expected to submit a final report on their project by August 31, 2018.

In order to emphasise the sharing of knowledge, and in lieu of an interim report, successful applicants will be asked to share the results of their work with the Vanier community: for example, a presentation at a PED day, a workshop, or a practical tool that can be used by the community.

Information about research on human subjects

Approval from the Research Ethics Board is not required at the proposal stage. However, if the project involves data collection from human participants within or external to the College, approval of the Vanier College Research Ethics Board (REB) will need to be obtained before any data collection commences. To request REB approval, an Application to Conduct Research form must be completed.

Application forms

Based on the nature of your project and the purpose of the release time you are requesting, select the appropriate form from the options below. Saving the form as a PDF file will allow you to fill it out electronically.

A1: Letter of Intent to Develop a Research or Pedagogical Innovation Grant Application (Accessibility Projects)

A2: Pedagogical Innovation Project Proposal (Accessibility Projects)

A3: Students Success Project Proposal (Accessibility Projects)

Please ensure that you have obtained all required signatures before submitting your application. Applicants must submit one hard copy including all required signatures, as well as one (unsigned) electronic copy of the form to Marina Jelavic (, B208).

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