Applications to conduct any research at the College, with the exception of projects listed below, should be addressed to the PSI Office by completing the application to conduct research at Vanier.

Research projects exempt from applying to the REB:

  • In-class research projects conducted by Vanier students under the supervision of their teacher. Teachers whose classes will be conducting research that involves human participants should consult the Guidelines for Teachers Whose Course Activities Involve Research with Human Participants.┬áThe PSI Office and the Research Ethics Board are available to provide support and guidance for teachers supervising in-class projects as required.
  • Internal institutional evaluations, for example, program evaluations. These processes are still required to adhere to the highest ethical standards as expected of other forms of research. The PSI office is available to provide support as needed.


Applications will be evaluated on two different aspects :

  1. Institutional Suitability (feasibility, resources involved, etc.), by PSI in consultation with concerned parties;
  2. Research Ethics, by Vanier Research Ethics Board.

Decisions and/or required changes with regards to institutional suitability will be communicated by the PSI Office.

Recommendations with regards to the ethical conduct of research and issuance of the Ethics Certificate are provided independently by the Research Ethics Board.

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