A virtual workshop will be held to explore which apps and platforms can best be used by students for digital scrap-booking: an original, digital collage of research on, and curation of, information students find in the library and/or the internet.

Six apps that are useful for digital scrap-booking will be discussed:

  • Endnote – presented by Sylvie Gervais
  • Zotéro – presented by Emma Chiriac
  • Evernote – presented by Martine Peters
  • OneNote – TBD
  • Google Scholar – presented by Alain Cadieux
  • Google Docs – TBD

The workshop, offered in French, can be accessed February 3 from 9-10:30am at the following link: When accessing VIA, be sure to choose “Joindre par Internet,” rather than “Joindre par téléphone.”


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