Presenter: Bruce Norton (Teacher, Micropublishing and Hypermedia)

Date: Postponed to Fall 2o17

Time: TBD

Location: TBD


Been told to pull yourself up by your bootstraps? Never took the time. Don’t even know what bootstraps are? Here’s your opportunity to learn. Get started with Twitter’s Bootstrap to make mobile-first, responsive websites. You will learn how to set up and publish a site, add content, create layouts, use built-in styles and customize your CSS. Note that having completed Anyone can code Part 1 is not necessary.

About the Presenter

Bruce teaches, he codes, he breathes. Not necessarily in that order. You may find him teaching web development in OST: Micromedia. His coding brings the news, weather and sports to screens in your local shopping-mall food court. However, he suspects your design and coding skills will leave him breathless by the end of the session.


Will be open in the Fall.

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