While physics discoveries shape our society perhaps more than any other, one need not be a physicist to appreciate the basic laws that govern our world. In fact, everyone, whether they realize it or not, interacts with these laws all of the time. From a kid swinging in the playground (Mechanics, NYA), to the beautiful sounds of music (Waves, NYC), to the awe-inspiring phenomenon known as lightning (Electricity and Magnetism, NYB), our core courses allow students to take a closer look at the world they live in.

The knowledge acquired through these core courses apply directly to careers in physics and engineering in a wide range of sectors from energy to aerospace. And, contrary to popular belief, the benefits of a strong background in physics extend to careers in the health sciences as well. Blood flows through our veins in the same manner as water flows through pipes. An understanding of some of the major diagnostic tools in medicine, such as an ultra sound (NYC) or x-ray (NYB), is dependent on one’s physics background.

Upon graduation, Vanier science students possess a background in physics that prepares them for further study at the University level in any science or engineering discipline. It is our hope that their experience in our classrooms and laboratories inspires them to think about and question the physical world, and enables them to solve real-life problems with confidence.

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