Outdoor Education at Vanier offers students unique opportunities usually not available through regularly scheduled classes. These enable students to engage in enjoyable activities and learn new skills for the outdoors to enrich their leisure time.

Attendance at all sessions of each of these courses is compulsory. Details regarding course fees, deletes, etc. are available in the registration guide each semester.

All courses are designed to meet the needs of beginner to more advanced levels. If certain courses have particular requirements regarding skill background or abilities, it will be specified in the “comments” section of the registration guide each semester. Some of these courses go on “day” trips and others go for two to three days with accommodation arrangements.

  1. Alpine skiing
  2. Backpacking
  3. Canoe camping
  4. Canoe/Kayak camping
  5. Cross country skiing
  6. Fitness through walking/hiking
  7. Introduction to hiking/Orienteering/Climbing
  8. Mountain bike touring
  9. Native Wilderness skills
  10. Orienteering
  11. Outdoor pursuits
  12. Rock climbing
  13. Snowboarding/Alpine skiing
  14. Urban wilderness
  15. Wilderness camping
  16. Winter camping
  17. CPR / Cardiovascular fitness
  18. Science of survival (for Explorations II students only)

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