The overall theme of the Physical Education program at the collegial level is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Specific goals for the program include: the establishment of the relationship between lifestyle and health, the exploration of various physical activities based on needs and interest, and the promotion of positive fitness and lifestyle decisions.
Students must take three Physical Education courses to graduate. One course has a 101 prefix meaning its theory component includes health and physical fitness. One course has a 102 prefix meaning its theory component involves physical activity and goal setting. A third course, which is taken only when the 101 and 102 courses have been completed, has a 103 prefix; its theory involves the concept of active living and requires students demonstrate the ability to incorporate regular physical activity into a healthy lifestyle. Almost all of the activities listed are available as a 101-MQ, 102-MQ or 103-MQ course, however, their designation can change every semester. Be sure to check the specific semester Course Schedule for course number.

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