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Pedagogical Development Office

ICT Skills for Students

Knowing how to use information and communication technologies (ICT) is a very important set of skills for our students, both during their time with us at the College and beyond.

In an effort to encourage the development of these skills among college students, a number of government organizations have participated to develop and promote the ICT profile. This profile helps students and teachers identify many of the most important ICT skills.

Inuktic –The official page for the ICT profile
ICT Profile –For a short breakdown on the ICT competencies and their elements

Check out the following resources on each of the ICT competencies:

If you are trying to find ways to incorporate these ICT competencies into your courses, or if your department or program is looking to do the same, please contact us at the PDO.

You may also check out A Guide for Integrating ICT into a Program. This article introduces readers to the ICT Integration Model and suggests practical ways of beginning to implement the model. This is a great place to start if you are just starting to look into ways to integrate IT and develop an IT Integration Plan (for a department, program or school).