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Pedagogical Development Office

College Partners

APOP (Association pour les applications pedagogiques de l’ordinateur au postsecondaire): Non-profit organization that promotes the use of computers at the cegep level and offers various training options.

AQPC (Association quebecoise de pedagogie collegiale): Non-profit organization that promotes pedagogical innovation at the cegep level by hosting an annual conference attended by some 1000 delegates, as well as publishing Pedagogie collegiale, a review of current pedagogical practices in Quebec.

Associations and Organizations Operating with Funding Support from the MERST: “This Guide presents, in a single document, an overview of the main organizations, associations and services currently addressing the integration of information and communications technologies (IT) within the Québec college system.”

CCDMD (Centre collegial de developpement de materiel didactique): Centre subsidized by the Quebec Ministry of Education for the development of educational materials (print, digital and online) designed for cegep teaching staff and students. Online materials include course packages, software and Monde en images, a bank of rights-free images that can be used for educational purposes. We have some of the CCDMD materials available in the office – come see if anything would be useful to you. You can also check out the Teaching Tip: CCDMD Resources.

CRISPESH (Centre de recherche pour l’inclusion scolaire et professionnelle des étudiants en situation de handicap / Research Centre for the Educational and Professional Inclusion of Students with Disabilities): A new College Technology Transfer Centre in Innovative Social Practices (CCTT-PSN) born out of a partnership between the Cégep du Vieux Montréal and Dawson College.

CDC (Centre de documentation collegiale): Documentation centre housing thousands of books and periodicals pertaining to college-level education in Quebec and beyond – the centre is located in Cegep Andre Laurendeau, but a number of resources are available online (e.g. PAREA research reports).

Cégep a distance: Leader in college-level distance education in Quebec – students can register for courses and have them credited to their home college, or they can register for a full DEC program offered completely by correspondence or online. Cegep@distance also makes many of its materials available to teachers in the cegep network (for free!)

DECclic: A not-for-profit organization that manages the digital Moodle environment — and a host of other free pedagogical tools — for over 40 institutions of higher education in Québec. Over the years, DECclic has grown to become a dynamic and constantly evolving community of practice.

ECQ (Entente Canada-Québec) The Entente Canada-Québec is an agreement between the federal and provincial governments to support minority language education. As such, the ECQ provides funding for the college partners to develop support for the English sector within the colleges. The ECQ also provides funding and support for pedagogical projects not covered by the partners. The offices of the ECQ are located at Dawson and can be reached through the ECQ webpage at Dawson.

Infiressources:  A very comprehensive site designed to diffuse nursing knowledge by disseminating a wide range of articles and research in the sectors of care and education.

MERST (Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, Recherche, Science et Technologie)

PERFORMA (Master Teacher Program, Université de Sherbrooke). Credited graduate level education and educational psychology courses offered to CEGEP teachers working toward either a certificate, diploma, or master of education degree. See the PDO PERFORMA page for more information

Profweb: Site maintained by the MELS to help teachers integrate technology into their courses – publishes a weekly newsletter, more in depth looks at the use of I.T. in teaching, and also offers free web space to all teachers in the cegep network.

REPTIC (Reseau des repondants TIC ): A community of practice bringing together I.T. Pedagogical Advisors from all colleges across Quebec.

SALTISE (Supporting Active Learning and Technological Innovation in Science Education): A consortium composed of faculty from McGill University, Dawson College, John Abbott College and Vanier College, funded by a Chantier 3 institutional grant from the MERST.

Vitrine Technologie-Education: Updates on the use of technologies in education in Quebec and beyond.