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Pedagogical Development Office

Previous Program Description

Participants may choose between two graduate level options: a thirty-credit program leading to a D.E. or a forty-five-credit program leading to an M.Ed. The successful completion of the D.E. courses is a prerequisite to proceeding to the M.Ed. See below for the program structure. The D.E. may be completed in a minimum of three or three and a half years; the M.Ed. in a minimum of four or four and a half years.

The program is not a series of disconnected courses but rather an integrated program. The first four courses are sequenced (College Teaching: Issues and Challenges, Psychology of Learning for the College Classroom, Instructional Strategies for the College Classroom and Assessment as Learning) and each is a prerequisite to the one following it.

Once the first four courses have been completed in sequence, the progression of courses is more flexible. Refer to the Course Descriptions on pages 2-6 for details of the courses and prerequisites.

The goal of the research component in this graduate program is to prepare participants to design and implement research projects that increase their understanding of how classroom processes impact on student learning. It consists of four courses that are undertaken in sequence.

MTP Program Structure

Diploma in College Teaching (30 credits)

Master of Education in College Teaching (an additional 15 credits)

M.Ed. Total 45 credits