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Université de Sherbrooke Policies



Attendance at all class sessions is expected. This includes Montreal area students attending all face-to-face (F2F) sessions in person, and everyone attending VIA sessions online and all synchronous course activities. Regular attendance shows respect for the course, the teacher, and the participants. Most importantly, it acknowledges the importance of “being there” to the process of learning.

This course is part of a series of courses that have been designed to offer participants professional development in college teaching. As all teachers know from their experience, class participation is an integral part of the learning process. In this program, participants are expected to become involved individually and collectively. Similar to a community of researchers, the community of teacher-scholars that evolves in each course provides the opportunity for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of problems, and the giving and receiving of worthwhile feedback. In return, each participant receives support from classmates and guidance from the teacher. It is in this context, the context of professional cooperation, where the scholarship of teaching is most activated, recognized and experienced. 


The University of Sherbrooke does not tolerate plagiarism. The University’s academic regulations define plagiarism as “the act of submitting or presenting, in a graded assignment, passages or ideas as if they were the student’s own work”. It is considered as an offence and is liable to disciplinary sanctions. These sanctions are determined by the Faculty which received the complaint or, in serious cases, by the disciplinary committee of the University of Sherbrooke.


The formative evaluation of students is on-going throughout the course. Some teachers allow some assessments to be resubmitted, after an initial evaluation.

Course evaluations are conducted mid-semester and at the end of the semester for the purpose of improving the course. The formative evaluation is administered mid-semester by the teacher and the summative evaluation is administered anonymously at the end of the course. The summative evaluation is kept by the host college and is distributed to the teacher AFTER the final course grades have been submitted to the University of Sherbrooke.

This Course Outline is subject to and in conformity with the University of Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Education’s Policy for the Evaluation of Student Learning


All work whose linguistic quality is judged inadequate by the resource person may be returned to the student (it is important to establish a differed date for resubmitting the work and, if necessary, any penalties). Furthermore, 10% of the mark on any assignment may be withheld for linguistic quality, over and above the specific criteria related to the course requirements (in other words, a negative correction).

Students seeking graduate level degrees accredited by the University of Sherbrooke must maintain a 2.7 average. Failure to do so will result in automatic exclusion from the program.


Students seeking any graduate degree accredited by the University of Sherbrooke must maintain a 2.7 average.  The lowest passing average is 2.7 out of 4.3 One or two Cs will be acceptable only if your other grades allow you to maintain a 2.7 average. Failure to do so will result in automatic exclusion from the program.

Failure to complete the assignments for this course will be graded as a W = 0.

Below is the grading and grade point system used in the Performa graduate level program.

Letter Grade Grade Point System Numerical Equivalent
A+ 4.3 91 and over
A 4.0 88 to 90
A- 3.7 85 to 87
B+ 3.3 82 to 84
B 3.0 79 to 81
B- 2.7 76 to 78
C+ 2.3 73 to 75
C 2.0 70 to 72
C- 1.7 67 to 69
D+ 1.3 64 to 66
D 1.0 60 to 63
E (failure)
W (failure by withdrawal)
59 or below
AB (withdrawal)*
IN (Incomplete)**

*An AB is awarded only if a student dropped a course before the deadline for withdrawals. If not, then a W will be recorded on the transcript
** The student must submit a Request for an Extension form (IN) to complete the course


These are taken from the Faculty Policy for Summative and Formative Evaluation and the Faculty

Regulations for the Evaluation of Student Learning (August, 2000).

When a participant completes nine credits in the Master Teacher Program, the University of Sherbrooke will send a transcript (relevé de notes) indicating (bottom left of the transcript) one of the following:

Vous pouvez poursuivre votre programme (you may continue in the Program)


Exclusion du programme: moyenne inférieure à la norme minimale (excluded from the program due to an insufficient average)

If you receive a transcript with the latter message, please contact your local Performa Representative.