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Pedagogical Development Office


Can I look at a detailed course outline before I sign up for a course?
Of course, detailed course outlines, including readings, are available in each college. See the person to contact at your college.

Can I register for this program even if I do not have a baccalaureate level diploma?
It depends. The University of Sherbrooke regulations state that a condition of admission is a BA or equivalent. See your local college representative to ascertain whether your experience entitles you to register in the program despite not having a degree. A portfolio process is available to help you document your experiential record.

How long will it take me to complete the program?
That depends almost entirely on you and the workload you want to assume. There are some variables, though. There are two graduate level programs of differing length. The thirty-credit D.E. can be completed in a minimum of three or three and a half years if you participate in the intensive summer program. The forty-five credit M.Ed. can be completed in a minimum of four or four and a half years. See your local Performa representative for a more complete discussion of how you can finish the program(s) in the least amount of time.

How often will the courses be offered?
This series of courses will be offered on a continuing basis, about ten to twenty courses a year. They will ordinarily be offered with an intensive session beginning in January or August with follow-up activities on Friday afternoons. A May-June summer intensive program will be offered for those who wish to complete the D.E. or the M.Ed. in the least amount of time possible. It is possible to take two courses in the summer session.

Is there any way that I can assure that I will be free on Friday afternoons so that I can take the course?
If any of these courses interest you, we encourage you to meet with your Department Chair to request a schedule with Friday afternoons free. Each college administration has made a commitment to give participant support to the extent possible. Your request must be submitted to the college 60 days before the start of the following semester. Contact the Performa representative in your college for more information. See the person to contact at your college.

Will I get graduate level university credit?
Yes, when you successfully complete a course.

Do any courses have prerequisites?
Once the first four courses have been completed in sequence, the progression is more flexible. Refer to the course descriptions on pages 2-6 for details of the prerequisites by course.
Am I required to maintain a certain GPA?

Yes. Students seeking a DE must maintain a 2.7 average. However, one or two Cs will be acceptable only if your other grades allow you to maintain a 2.7 average. For more details please consult the Grading Policy.

What if I’m teaching in more than one cegep, whom do I contact?
Contact the cegep where you feel most at home or have the heaviest teaching load.

Will I get an increase in scholarity?
Yes. Contact the Human Resources Department in your college for a complete explanation since certain conditions apply.

Will I get an increase in pay?
Yes. Contact the Human Resources Department in your college for a complete explanation since certain conditions apply.

If I have taught for years, what will these courses offer me?
These courses will offer you the opportunity for continuing development in the art and science of Cegep teaching. In addition, you will also make a contribution to the less experienced teachers through your participation.

Can I participate even if I am a part-time teacher or if I don’t know whether my contract will be renewed?
Certainly. Once you are admitted to the University of Sherbrooke in the Performa program, you have the right to take courses continuously in the program even if you are no longer employed at a cegep.

Will the participants be from one college only?
No. Courses are open to all Anglophone colleges. One of the strengths of this program is that the participants come from multiple colleges.

Will information technology be used in the courses?
Yes. You will have a chance to use various modes of information technology in each course, e.g. teacher help via e-mail, group work on-line, threaded discussions, etc. Information technology, as a support to teaching, will be progressively increased in each course.