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Teaching Tip: Successful Assessments

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Image courtesy of Wilma Brown

Types of Assessments

This chart indicates many of the most common ways that we assess our students throughout the term. With this variety of assessment types, how well do our students do on our assessments? What are some of the ways that we can help our students be successful with our assessments?

Helping Students Prepare for Assessments

There are many ways for us to help our students be success in their assessments. Below are some suggestions of different ways to support our students’ success.

  1. Review the assessment in class and encourage students to ask questions
  2. Place the assignment instructions and marking rubric on Omnivox
  3. Give students practice quizzes and tests
  4. Provide formative feedback on longer, more complex assignments
  5. Scaffold the assignments by assessing students each step of the way
  6. Make samples of excellent work or poor work available to students
  7. Have peers review and provide feedback to each other
  8. Be clear what will be tested and what types of questions will be asked on exams and tests
  9. Suggest what chapters, articles, should be reviewed, studied, and understood
  10. Encourage study teams to work together to prepare for tests and exams
  11. Be available during office hours for one-on-one coaching
  12. Have students prepare some of the exam questions

The following Faculty Focus article offers more suggestions of how to help our students be successful in their exams: Five Ways to Improve Exam Review Sessions.

For further information about different types of assessments and other pedagogical ideas, please contact Wilma Brown and view other online Teaching Tips on the PDO web page.

Wilma Brown, Pedagogical Development Office (PDO)