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Pedagogical Development Office

Teaching Tip: Mid-Semester Renewal

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We are beginning the final stretch of the semester and students will be looking to us for help and guidance. Many students will be graduating in a few months and the pressure is beginning for the final half of the semester. How can we make the most of this final sprint – for the benefit of our students and ourselves?


There are many ways to help our students and ourselves rejuvenate and prepare for the final half of any semester. Below are some suggestions of different ways to support our students’ success.

  1. Do a fun activity in class which will liven up the class and give encouragement for the final weeks. Many ice breaker activities are well suited for this type of student-involvement activity.
  2. Review the course competences and where you are in the course, highlighting the major areas still to come
  3. Take time in class to help students predict where they will have the most difficulties in the weeks to come, in your class and other classes – and discuss time management strategies that will help them through these stressful periods
  4. Set up a schedule for meeting students one-on-one, to enable you and the student to connect and discuss competencies that need to be obtained to pass the course
  5. Review all major assignments and assessments and their respective dates
  6. Provide clear feedback to students and make marking rubrics available
  7. Guide students to online resources for their homework, assignments, and projects
  8. Give students time in class to work on projects, prepare for tests, work with peers, review course material, etc.
  9. Encourage students to ask questions and determine competencies they find difficult, so they can focus their attention on these skills, knowledge, and attitudes
  10. Find ways to encourage students by reminding them of all they have already accomplished and celebrate their successes

For further ideas about working through the final half of the semester in positive ways and other pedagogical ideas, please contact Wilma Brown and view other online Teaching Tips on the PDO web page.

Wilma Brown, Pedagogical Development Office (PDO)