To apply to Vanier College, you must apply online through SRAM (Service regional d’admission de Montréal). SRAM receives your application for admission, processes it and forwards it to Vanier College Admissions. All documents required to complete your file (if applicable), must be forwarded to SRAM by the advertised deadline. Failure to do so will result in an incomplete file. SRAM will not process incomplete applications. The non-refundable application fee is $30, (payable to SRAM), and is valid for all rounds in the semester that you apply. Please check the admission requirements carefully for your program.

SRAM processes applications are two times per year:

1st of March: 3 rounds (for programs starting in the Autumn)
1st of November: 2 rounds (for programs starting in the Winter)

A “round” is part of the admission period during which you apply for the first time or change your choice if you have been refused during a previous round.

You need to choose one program and one cégep in the SRAM system. Choose carefully, because if you are admitted, you cannot participate in the following rounds of SRAM. In the case of refusal you have the opportunity to participate in the following round for admission.

Admission is not granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications completed before the deadline of each round are processed at the same time.

Priority is normally given to graduating students from the Quebec secondary school system (high school).

All decisions are published on the “Consult My File”, “Status of Application” link on SRAM, approximately 4-5 weeks after the deadline.

Once you confirm your acceptance at Vanier College you will be invited to attend an Information Session at the college. Note that if you are applying from a Quebec high school, acceptances are conditional upon obtaining your high school diploma (DES) and program prerequisites, if any. This means that you have been admitted but, in July, the Vanier Admissions Office will verify that you have obtained your high school diploma and if applicable, that you have successfully completed your prerequisite courses.

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