603-HSE-VA, Dark Discoveries
In order to transform from children to adults, we face the difficult task of finding a way to merge our inner selves with our outer selves and with society’s expectations. As we navigate this often confusing and difficult passage, we are forced to confront the darker truths of our world. Through a variety of literary texts (short stories, poetry and novels), non-fiction and film, we will investigate the concepts of childhood, adulthood, education, identity and moral agency. The issues that emerge from that investigation will form the basis of our class discussion, and you will be asked to reflect on those issues, particularly as they relate to your field of study, through writing assignments that teach you to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively. As you learn how to recognize and articulate the themes and messages present in each unique literary world we travel through, you will reinforce your critical thinking and analytical skills, while forming your own ideas about what it means to “grow up,” and the role that technology, parents, schools and society can or should play in that process.