603-HSD-VA, Rhymes with Relativity
For centuries, the marvels of science and technology have stirred the imagination; yet students trying to master calculus, organic chemistry or digital circuits rarely have time for flights of poetic fancy and in fact, they may have come to believe that poetry and science have little to say to one another. This course will create a space where poetry and science can be reunited, where, (to quote Don McKay out of context), “these ancient enemies [can] finally come together, have a conversation in which each hearkens to the other, then go out for a drink.” In this course, students will explore poetry about science and technology, reflecting upon its themes while also investigating the poetic structures. In addition, students will draw on their own experiences in their field of study and create poetry that reflects the wonders, the magic, the concerns—or even the horrors—of science and technology.