603-HSB-VA, Communicating Care
Care can be a noun or a verb. When we provide care, we protect and maintain that which is necessary for an individual to be healthy. Is it possible to provide care without caring? This course will deal directly with the act of caring. Through an analysis of literary texts, we will explore what it means to be caring in various contexts. We will explore issues that can complicate care and qualities needed to be a compassionate caregiver. Literary texts do not always reveal meaning directly; understanding them requires practice, insight and patience. These same skills are necessary for understanding one another, particularly in situations of illness, disability or despair. The most important aspect in communication is hearing what isn’t being said. One must read between the lines when trying to understand a text or truly listen to a patient. Close attention and painstaking application are other connotations of the word care. This course will also give you the practical tools necessary for careful, clear communication in your field of study. Through a variety of assignments, discussions and written responses, this course will enable you to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively as you think critically about the human condition and analyse your role as a caregiver.