603-103-MQ, Intersexions: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Literature, Film and Media
In this course, we will engage with works from the worlds of literature, cinema, and popular media to explore themes and issues related to the different ways racial, gendered, and sexual identities encounter each other and intersect. Topics we will be discussing include intersectional theory; sexuality and the immigrant experience; sexuality and colonialism; social exclusion, isolation, and oppression as well as resilience and resistance; the politics of racialization and queerness; experiencing and dealing with multiple identities; new ways of being; and approaches to sexual and gender differences across cultures. Through close analysis of these literary works, students will be able to recognize features of the themes studied as well as the literary, cinematic, and theoretical techniques and devices used by the writers, filmmakers, and artists, such as plot, setting, conflict, characterization, symbolism, metaphor, and various other common elements found in creative work. The comprehension gained will assist us in our analysis of intersecting identities.