603-102-MQ, Native Literature: One Good Trickster Story,That One
If you think of Canadian Literature as boring descriptions of nature, and Native Literature as depressing memoirs of serving time in racist residential schools, then let Nanabush, the mischievous trickster and shapeshifter, tell you a story. Itís a long one, and a good one, and they say itís a true one. In Drew Hayden Taylorís novel Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, Nanabush pushes Ojibway chief Maggie to fall in love with the mysterious white man who just rode into her Ontario town on a vintage Indian Chief motorcycle. Chaos ensues and boundaries are crossed. Old meets new, White man meets Native, the bible meets the trickster, magic meets reality, and humour meets the complex issues of modern life straight on. One good story, that one. It will wrap you in a warm blanket.