603-102-MQ, Hallmark of Success: The Adaptive and Adapting Short Story
From the time of its first appearance in the literary tradition, with early short stories by masters like Edgar Allen Poe and Guy de Maupassant, the short story genre has proven itself to be a hallmark of success, always adaptive and adapting to new cultural realities and historical imperatives. In this course we will examine the characteristics of a wide variety of short stories to determine exactly why this literary genre is so successful, to explain its vast appeal with audiences from different national backgrounds, to examine its remarkable “adaptive” qualities, and to explore its use by emerging international writers. The course will familiarize the students not only with some of the best known short stories of acknowledged masters such as Poe, de Maupassant, Joyce and so on, but will also study some short stories by post World War II international authors who also chose to utilize the short story as the genre most appropriate and effective to convey their artistic and thematic concerns. Certain Canadian writers who reflect their multicultural backgrounds in their short stories will also be studied.