603-102-MQ, Heads Up! Sports Literature
"The thrill of victory; the agony of defeat:" sports seems to have the power to lift or crush entire nations' hearts. Sports has inspired our society and culture for ages. It has developed into a powerful muse for all forms of literature, media and music. This course will focus on the representation of sports in literature, and on sports literature as a genre in and of itself. We will examine fiction, poetry, essays, music, film and journalistic writing about sports. We will trace the evolution of sports from Ancient Greece where sports was looked upon as a necessary component of epic poetry to our modern society where sports has come to embody national consciousness and culture, and where sports figures have become symbols of status, power, and wealth, not to mention commercialism. We will consider the debates about race and gender that sports provokes. We will also examine how certain sports have created their own sub-cultures based on language, dress, music and attitude, of course.