500-101-VA, Photography Level I
This is a hands-on media art course in which students will be introduced to technique and the importance of process in photography. Students will learn how to handle a digital SLR camera (provided by the college) to compose photographic images, perform digital editing procedures in Photoshop, and utilize high-resolution printers to create printed photographs. Through various assignments, lectures, presentations, discussions and field trips, students will become familiar with the fundamentals and subtleties of the medium of photography. This includes an ongoing examination of students' work in order to acquire the skills of assessing a photograph. The student will develop a basic understanding of composition and design, and how to generate and interpret creative ideas. They will also be exposed to the language and terminology specific to the photography and use these as they develop the skills required for critical self-reflection. Work sessions with the teacher in the Photography Mac Lab help assure that each student becomes competent in all the technical aspects of the camera and printing processes. This course utilizes the Photography Mac Lab as well as the Photography area facilities.