410-561-VA, International Business
This course examines the documents and concepts encompassing international trade. The student will be required to outline the technical steps necessary to adapt a product for the international market including the international marketing strategy involved with importing and exporting. The student must be able to establish the costs involved in setting export prices including international payment methods, including documents and protecting the firm from foreign exchange fluctuations. The student will learn how to ship the product, using incoterms, calculating the transportation costs – including insurance as well as choosing the most cost effective transportation methods. The course will cover customs and duty charges so that the student will be expected, using hand-on in class training, to prepare the actual custom documents as well as determine and calculate the tariff rates and custom duties. This will be done using the applicable text and software programs. The sixth semester is “compressed”. Regular classes will be compressed into the first 12 weeks of the semester. In the last three weeks of the semester, all students will complete a stage in industry.