345-HSC-VA, Business Ethics
The purpose of the course then will be to turn students' attention toward an often undervalued dimension in business practice: ethics. The objective of the course is to identify and raise issues, then to challenge conventional notions taken for granted within business practice. As the course unfolds, the aim is to have students become more aware that what can be considered routine business practices or goals may also be seen as either unacceptable behaviour or even dangerous or liable behaviour. The role of both business and the individual business person, as well as those who challenge specific aspects of the business mindset will be explored. Through a series of assignments we will explore such issues as self-interest, corporate social responsibility, discrimination, conflict of interest and the role of global economy toward the aim of heightening awareness and sensitivity toward issues which business sometimes downplay. In the end, students should come away with a deeper understanding of their responsibilities as business people and managers as well as an appreciation for the reasons business is criticized for some of its practices and its ideas.