345-HSA-VA, Sci-Fi and Ethics
In this course we will study the ethical issues presented in a number of different Science Fiction works. In many ways ethical dilemmas can be seen as universal. Traditionally, the Science Fiction genre has been a medium used by authors to discuss difficult ethical issues in contemporary society by reflecting on those issues into a different context. By taking these issues out of the contemporary context, Sci-Fi authors hope to shed light on ethical dilemmas that are sometimes difficult to see when they are closely immersed in a particular worldview or knowledge system. In looking at Sci-Fi works, we will see how some ethical issues can be seen more clearly in a fictional context, and by comparing these issues with examples from our contemporary society we will see how ethical issues can sometimes be made more complex by our own cultural views, beliefs, and values. We will also look at how some aspects of our culture, knowledge systems, and values may lead us into difficult ethical questions in the future.