345-102-MQ, Worldviews and Cultural Landscapes
World view is a way of seeing, relating and engaging with the world based on collective values, ideals and ideas of any society in time and space. This course explores cultural landscapes as territories where societies have left traces that are expressive of their values, ideals and ideas. This course examines cultural landscapes in informing us about the relationship between world views of societies that have lived, interacted, shaped and engaged with territories. How cultural landscape is linked to world views? How diverse cultural, social, political and economical values, world views, relate to landscapes and leave their traces in time? How world views are affected by cultural landscape that surrounds them and how any society, based on their world views, produces, interpret, and conserve cultural landscape? How do we construct, structure, perceive, evaluate and interpret our rural and urban environment? These are some of the questions that will guide readings, lectures, research,and discussions in this course.