345-102-MQ, Worldviews and the Good Life
What is the Good Life? What does it mean to live well? What is happiness? Is happiness an essential part of a good life? What are different worldviews on the Good Life? In this course we will focus on the treatment of the notion of a life well-lived within some distinctive and enduring worldviews, or that which orients us to reality, provides us with a code of conduct, and gives us a sense of meaning or purpose. In this course we will be critically examining various philosophical, religious, psychological and artistic responses to the question of the Good Life, ascertaining the basic assumptions and beliefs inherent in the worldviews on this important question. We will be approaching the topic from large antinomies such as: consumerism vs. voluntary simplicity; hedonism vs. asceticism; and egoism vs. altruism. We will be studying both classic and contemporary viewpoints through writings, documentaries, and films.