345-102-MQ, Media, Myth and Propaganda
This course is designed to help students develop a critical understanding of the world view the media presents to us. Toward that end, we will examine two very different views of the role and function of the media: the "disinterest" model and the "self-interest" or business model. We will look at how the media, especially television, can be understood as a packager of specific narratives. These narratives, once told, get repeated time and again and take on the quality of contemporary mythologies. We will want to understand how this affects us and our world views by examining "neutrality"; the media as watchdog; fairness, balance and objectivity in reporting; the "new media" and corporate world view; agenda-setting; manufacturing "consent" and "dissent", the media monopoly; regulation: excess and free speech; identifying propaganda: information/disinformation- truth reversal; understanding media framing, and how the world is made to conform to a world view.