345-101-MQ, Theories of Human Nature and the Good Life
What is the Good Life? What does it mean to live well? What are the components in a life well-lived? What is happiness? Is happiness an essential part of a good life? And as the theoretical ground of a good life, we must ask: What is Human Nature? Ideas of human nature imply a prescription for living well. How does one come to know, or claim to know these components? In this course we will examine and assess the arguments, theories, knowledge claims and methodologies in various disciplines and areas of culture as they pertain to notions of human nature, and a life well-lived. Specifically, our critical inquiry into these knowledge claims will engage philosophical thinkers, religious traditions, art/aesthetics, and modern psychology. We will examine classic and contemporary viewpoints through writings, documentaries, and films, of both the content of these viewpoints and how this content is claimed to be known.