345-101-MQ, What is Art?
The ancient Socratic saying “Know Thyself” has been the root of academic debate for millennia. For Digital Natives, the “self” is constantly reflected on a screen. In this era of social media, how do we really “know ourselves”? Using Greek mythology, philosophers and modern scholars, students will identify and define classic concepts of self, such as amour propre, free will, moral law and narcissism. In addition, we will explore the importance of self-esteem by using popular psychological concepts such as self-fulfilling prophecies and pseudo-self-esteem. These concepts will then be transposed to images of narcissism as shown in modern politics and Hollywood culture. Subsequently, the students will use these concepts to compare and contrast the virtual notion of the “self” (i.e. selfies), as portrayed on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Students will then employ this comparison to question their own sense of self in a more introspective and analytical manner.