345-101-MQ, Writing on the Wall
Think graffiti, pop art, public art, corporate icons, architectural and cultural monuments. Think La Senza, Benetton and American Apparel ads. Signs, both verbal and visual, surround us wherever we go in our urban existence. They speak to our values and reflect our societies, as does the layout of our neighbourhoods. Linguistic, ethnic, religious and class separations in a society inscribe themselves into the very shape of our cities and our urban planning. How can we uncover/discover those invisible lines of demarcation to read" a city? How do we decipher the writing on the wall, and draw in our minds alternative maps" of the city, ones that take into account the issues of poverty, marginalization, exclusion, and globalization? Field trips and museum visits as well as group photo-essay projects will complement readings and documentaries as students investigate new ways to engage Montreal as a metropolis, and through it, other cities as well.