345-101-MQ, Understanding Human Settlements
This course is about knowing and the process of producing knowledge. What we know and our level of knowledge on any issue, play an important role in making daily decisions and formulating policies. This course will examine and study the process of understanding human settlement as one the fields of scientific inquiry. Humanity has created diverse forms, structures and techniques to conceive and build its settlement in response to its culture, vision, aspiration and needs. This course examines the existing body of knowledge of the process of creation and construction of these forms. Drawing from a number of academic and scientific fields of inquiry and knowledge such as architectural anthropology, cultural anthropology, cultural geography, sociology, archaeology and heritage studies, the course begins its journey of understanding human settlement from the origins of habitat forms and sites and travels in time and space, with stops at some bench marks that have influenced our understanding and the ways we have come to know the process of creating, structuring and constructing our knowledge on human settlement.