330-400-VA, Current Issues in History
Do you want to be a detective? Lawyer? Journalist? Teacher? Writer? History helps students develop skills needed to do any of those jobs, and more. This course will explore how historians debate the issue of "knowledge" and the best ways to arrive at it. You will be exposed to different approaches within history and will apply these in order to probe deeply into a subject that you are passionate about. You will be guided through digging up evidence, developing plausible explanations for what you find, writing up your results, and explaining them to others. This involves examining different versions of the same story and deciding where "the truth" probably lies. The research and analysis skills you learn as you put together a 1500 word research paper will be very useful in your future studies and career path. For if something is worth knowing, it's worth knowing deeply; this course offers you a chance to do original research and arrive at your own interpretations of past and current events.