243-341-VA, Introduction to Automation
Students will be introduced to the different methods and technologies used in automated control systems as they are used in the manufacturing industry. Students will learn how typical industrial control systems function, how to operate different control systems, how to verify that the system functions within specifications, how to make minor modifications and adjustments to control systems and how to properly document their work. Students will monitor and learn how to compare actual performance to desired performance to ensure proper operation. Students will construct, measure, and document typical motor control circuits. Wiring diagrams will be verified to ensure conformity to specifications and industry standards and reports of nonconformance will be produced. Content: Introduction to Automation; Classification of Control Systems; Historical Perspective of Automation; Switches, Relays, Starters, timers, counters, and Ladder Diagrams; Measurements: Pressure, Temperature, Level, and Flow; Calibration; Motion and Process Control, and P&ID documentation; Introduction to Programmable Electronic Systems - PID, PLC, Motor Drives, and DCS; Alarms; The Control Room and HMI; Enclosures; Actuators, Control Valves, Motors; Installation; Maintenance.