141-HSU-VA, Clinical application of the Resp.
The objective of this course is to provide students with the required clinical knowledge to link basic pharmacology to therapeutic applications in a respiratory care and/or anaesthesia setting. Students will be able to define basic concepts applied in the pharmacological treatment of respiratory disease and critical care patients. This course will empower the students with the ability to: choose the appropriate medication based on its identification, classification and therapeutic application via classroom discussion and simulated cases; Prepare the chosen medication in an effective dosage form to exert the therapeutic effect while maintaining aseptic technique; Anticipate and recognize the desired as well as the potential side-effects of these medications and the aptitude to modify the treatment due to these effects . The laboratory component will permit the students to integrate the theoretical knowledge learned into a simulated clinical application by examining, classifying, calculating and ultimately preparing respiratory and anesthesia care drugs for administration via specialized respiratory and anesthesia equipment.