141-HSA-04, Introduction to the Profession
This course is designed as an introduction to the field of Respiratory & Anaesthesia Technology. It is intended to familiarize the student with all aspects of the profession. This includes its historical development, the specific areas of practice as well as the delegated roles of the Respiratory Therapist. An overview of the Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology Program will be presented so that the students can better appreciate the degree of commitment which will be required of them. The student will be made aware of existing professional organizations with which the profession is associated as well as the professional responsibility and accountability that these memberships entail. The course will be given in both a classroom and clinical setting, enabling students to discover every aspect of their chosen field, and the profession they have decided to pursue. Further, since Respiratory Therapists share a general responsibility with other allied health professionals to provide safe and effective care, basic safety and medical communication skills are necessary to protect both the client and the health care provider. Students will learn how to minimize the potential health and safety risks to their clients and themselves. Proper medical communication procedures, body mechanics, use of safety equipment and procedures related to fire, electrical safety, transportation and infection control will also be addressed. Students will be given the opportunity to practice the technical skills associated with these concepts in a simulated environment. Statements Of Competence: Define the depth and scope of the profession of Respiratory & Anaesthesia Technology and apply rules and procedures related to health and safety in a simulated environment.